Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How can I add my own sounds to be available in AudibleSpeed?

A. The next version of the app will provide a much more user-friendly way (and we are working on it already),
but even with the current version it is also possible - just by following the simple and straightforward steps below:

1. Buy current version AudibleSpeed normally in iTunes AppStore, and install on iPhone.  (You probably already done that anyway! ;)

2. Download and install this neat, lightweight and FREE software program for your Mac (or PC) - called "iPhone Explorer":

3. Have ready the sounds that you want to add as .wav files, give them nice meaningful names (not too long, and preferably no spaces...)

4. Connect the iPhone via USB and using iPhone Explorer navigate to this location ("folder") on the iPhone


now inside "" folder you can see how there are a bunch of .wav files there -
so just add your ones along by using iPhone Explorer drag&drop (CAUTION: looks like it only copies only one at a time - even if you grab several to drag - so just do one at a time)

5. Once you copied all your .wav files disconnect the iPhone from USB and launch.

6.  Launch AudibleSpeed app and go to "Ranges" screen - all your new .wav sounds should now appear in the rolling "picker" among the others.

7. Test how they sound using "test" button. (ATTENTION: some .wav files created on a desktop Mac/PC may not play well on iPhone, or even "freeze" or crash it,
so this testing is very important!)

8. Enjoy! :)

+extra option:  you could even get rid of the some of the out-of-the-box provided sounds that you don't intend to use (to reduce "clutter")
by deleting the respective .wav files - just make sure first that they are no longer being referenced in "Ranges" configuration...
EXCEPT, do NOT delete the ones that are used as system warnings when GPS signal is not available or unreliable -
these are:  Chip001.wav, ChipLaserPing.wav and ChipLaser1.wav.